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Aprons by Carla

Carla makes the aprons after you place the order, so please allow 10 days for delivery

Carla has been a popular seamstress in Mantorville for a number of years.  She makes the jewelry travel bags sold by Mantorville Farms and also finds time to paint in watercolor.  Carla paints the subjects she sees and loves right outside her door in rural Mantorville.  Carla also participates in many community events and usually does so in an 1850's era costume she made herself.


Carla uses multiple fabrics to make each apron and she makes them in different sizes.


Every “classy” kitchen needs an apron
For chopping salad or baking a capon.

So don this fashionable kitchen “ tool”…..
And you’ll have success as in cooking school.

You will create a wonderful meal today !
Your guests will be pleased as punch, they say.

You’ll be known as “Queen” of kitchen detail….
And don’t worry – your recipes will NEVER fail!

                                                      Carla Webster

Carla makes aprons for all the NFL teams
using NFL licensed fabrics.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery for teams not pictured below.

To request a team,
Email Hank@mantorvillefarms.com 


All of Carla's aprons are featured below:

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