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Life in Mantorville by Artist Carla Webster

Artist Carla Webster paints the subjects she sees and loves right outside her door in rural Mantorville, Minnesota: flowers, birds, vegetables, animals, snow scenes, autumn landscapes, wooden covered bridges, trees—lots of trees.

A retired kindergarten schoolteacher who taught art and music in the Twin Cities, Carla and her husband Glenn spend summers in Mantorville and winters at their home in Arizona. She works in watercolor, often at the kitchen table, and also paints on furniture and glass jars. Her signed prints of farm life are on sale at Mantorville Farms.com.


Carla is a gardener and many of her ideas come out of the garden, from red and green peppers twisting their way up a kitchen stool to poinsettias at Christmas and cherry blossoms under a starlit sky.

She names all of her work: a clump of tomatoes called “Red and Ready,” an old-fashioned wooden chair with green grapes and lace doilies painted on it called “Sweet and Sour,” a horse looking over a fence called “Bronco.”


Carla admits she is enthralled by the joy and the challenge of working in watercolor. “Every time you compose a picture, it’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together,” she says. “There are steps to get it all to fit together. It really is fun. I love creating new things, on canvas and on furniture.”

Carla is a seamstress as well as an accomplished artist; she makes the jewelry bags that our customers like to fill with Mantorville Farms chocolates and then reuse later.  She also makes the custom kitchen aprons sold by Mantorville Farms.

Mantorville is a rural community packed with talented people like Carla. They are all our neighbors at Mantorville Farms, and we love featuring their work in our online store.  Carla and Glenn's summer estate is on an acreage along the mighty Zumbro river north west of Hank's farm.

All of Carla's prints are featured below:

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