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Chocolate Bark

We make 3 different Chocolate Barks

1. Almond Bark
    (Select Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate)



2. Plain Bark with No Nuts
    (Select Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate)



3. Toffee Bark
    (Select Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or some of both)


We start with our own toffee which we make using a recipe we have developed over the years.  Then we crunch it up and mix it with either pure milk chocolate or pure dark chocolate.

We do not use preservatives in our chocolates, so the pieces of bark are placed in a sealed plastic bag to stay fresh. Our chocolates will remain fresh for 4 months in the plastic bag or any sealed container

We pack the bark you select in our sturdy nostalgic white box.  We then place that box in a brown shipping carton.  We double box all our chocolates to protect them while they travel.


All our Bark items are listed below