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Where's the Farm?

Mantorville Farms is located in southeast Minnesota. (oh yes, this tiny town is very real with a population of 1,149 hardworking and creative souls). Our products are only available on the Internet. We at Mantorville Farms cherish the opportunity to sell American Made products. Whether you are visiting us in the summer when the meadows are always green, or in the winter when our famous Minnesota storms lay down a knee-deep blanket of snow, our artists and craftspeople are always creative and cheerful. Our food products are always fresh. Our quality gifts are always unique, elegant, and fun.

All of our products are made in the USA. In fact, most of our products are made right here in Mantorville. We like to say that our products embrace the spirit of Mantorville. After all, how many small American towns love marigolds so much that they make the marigold’s summer appearance cause for celebration? Or how many towns can honestly say their local theaters specialize in good ole’ melodramas, full of mustache-twirling villains, big-hearted heroes, and daring damsels in distress?

That’s Mantorville. Someplace special.

And that’s Mantorville Farms, home to special products.

Now while we are rural folk here at Mantorville Farms, we are also market savvy. Our market surveys have identified a real need for products made in the USA, especially for gift giving. It’s important to many people to give a gift that was made in their country. We’re working hard to meet this need. We’re continuously looking for unique products that are not readily available to our customers—items not found in large stores or on other Internet sites.

Why Sell "Made in USA" Gifts?

Hello, my name is Hank. I grew up in Minnesota and received my education here as well. After college I lived in the Rochester, Minnesota area in the Southeast part of the state and spent a few decades working for a Fortune 500 company.

In 2008 I finalized plans to start Mantorville Farms. I had dreamed of doing this for many years and now the dream has come true.

During the years before I started Mantorville Farms, I traveled to many cities throughout the United States. When I visited a city for the first time I always wanted to buy a souvenir or some kind of memento of my visit to the city. Every store I went to always had many items to choose from, but every time I turned an item over, I saw “made in any country but the USA”. I'm a big believer in the global market place, but it just didn’t seem right that most of the souvenirs of American cities were actually made somewhere else.

I had a similar problem when I wanted to give a gift to someone visiting me in Minnesota. I especially wanted to give guests from foreign countries a going away gift that was made in the USA. Unfortunately, no matter how many places I looked, most of the corporate gifts were also made somewhere else. Then one day I stopped at the Chocolate Shoppe in Mantorville to pick up a gift for my mother and suddenly I realized I could give chocolates made in Mantorville as corporate gifts. The Made in USA chocolates were a hit with my foreign guests.

So as I developed plans for Mantorville Farms, I decided I would sell products made in the USA. I’m starting small so I can control the quality of the products and service provided by Mantorville Farms. We’re adding new products each month and new artisans or producers every few months. Some of our products are very limited because the artisan crafts the item at home and can only build a few hundred pieces per year. Some of our vendors are larger companies that produce large quantities of product in their factories. In either case, all the products are made in the USA. Sometimes the raw materials may be imported, but the design, final production and packaging takes place in this country.

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