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Books by Sherry Roberts

Books by Sherry Roberts

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Books by Sherry Roberts
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Book of Mercy
A Funny Novel about a Serious Issue — Censorship
By Sherry Roberts
Antigone Brown has trouble reading road signs, keeps a stone in her pocket to help her remember right from left, and despairs of ever being a good mother to her unborn child. As she is quick to tell you, she is not hero material. She runs a deer farm and vegetarian cafe in Mercy, North Carolina, where textiles—not tourism—is king and where Irene Crump and the Mercy Study Club run the show.
But then Antigone takes in a homeless boy against her husband’s wishes and the Study Club forces her best friend, the school librarian, to remove “undesirable” books from the school’s collection. And soon Antigone finds herself challenging the controlling Irene and fighting for the very things that have made her life a misery—books. The dyslexic Antigone starts her own library and sets in motion a series of events destined to change Mercy forever.
Book of Mercy is a finalist in the Midwest Book Awards and has the Awesome Indies Seal of Approval.
Chocolate recommendation: Mantorville Farms Chocolate Covered Caramels with Sea Salt. Just as our Chocolate Covered Caramels will melt in your mouth, Antigone Brown will melt your heart.
Maud's House
A Story of Lost and Found Creativity
By Sherry Roberts
Ever draw on the walls? As a brilliant child artist, Maud Calhoun put Round Corners, Vermont, on the map with paintings that covered every inch of her house. Now, pressured to paint a mural for her small Vermont home town, she searches for the inspiration that has eluded her for fifteen years. With humor and warmth, Maud struggles to reclaim herself and her creative muse as her tightly knit community unravels.
Welcome to Maud’s House, where the good struggle is played out by an endearing group of locals and a woman who remembers a time when pictures “trickled from my fingers like blood.” There’s always beer in the refrigerator and country music on the radio, and everyone is sure to butt into your business.
And if you draw on the walls—maybe just your initials tucked into the corner of the bathroom above the heating vent—no one will care. Everyone in Round Corners knows how it is: how you can have these uncontrollable urges to leave your mark. The problem comes when the muse flies the coop and you’re stuck, and sooner or later, everyone in Round Corners becomes stuck. Creativity lost. It’s as ugly as mud season in Vermont.

Chocolate recommendation: Mantorville Farms Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. Maud loves the idea of mixing it up, of taking a tasty favorite like potato chips and adding yummy chocolate.
Down Dog Diary
A Minnesota Mystery with a Yoga Connection
By Sherry Roberts

One man has died for it. Now it’s MaSkye’s job to protect it. Can a yoga teacher hunt a killer and still find inner peace?
In yoga, the Downward Facing Dog Pose turns your world upside down, and that is exactly what the Down Dog Diary does to Maya Skye, a yoga teacher in small Gabriel’s Garden, Minnesota. 
First, her mentor, a former Hell’s Angel turned shaman, is killed for the book of secrets. Now Maya has it, and trouble is stalking her. When the mystical journal is stolen, Maya learns just how elusive inner peace can be at the point of a gun.

Chocolate recommendation: Mantorville Farms Pecan Caramel Clusters. The Pecan Caramel Clusters has a special role in the book. See what it is. Also, in Down Dog Diary, you will enjoy meeting Julia Lune, a romance writer with a passion for chocolate.

$39.99 with one pound of chocolate or $12.99 for just the book. FREE SHIPPING

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Customer Reviews

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